Kapiti Working Equitation hosts Lynley Bolt clinic.

By Abby Letteri

Kapiti Working Equitation Group was delighted to host Lynley Bolt for a one-day WE Training Clinic on Sunday, February 23rd.

Kapiti Lynley Clinic CloverLeafLynley is a gifted coach with the ability to break down and simplify the aids for all the movements necessary to ride the WE obstacles with relaxation and precision.

Throughout the day, we focused closely on riding 9 of the obstacles, including the Cloverleaf, the Stock Pen, Side Pass, Single and Double Slalom, Bell Corridor, Bull & Garroche, Cloverleaf and Jump.

Kapiti Lynley Clinic SidepassWe had a mixed group of Western and English riders and horses, including a few who had never tried WE before! By the end of the day, everyone rode a continuous course of 7 or 8 obstacles in a fun and challenging “take your own line” pattern.

Everyone — horses and their riders — enjoyed themselves, learned heaps and went home happy.

Lynley’s background includes a wide variety of equestrian disciplines, including Classical Training and the Vaquero tradition. She works stock on horseback in her daily life and is keen to bring together the classical and practical aspects of working equitation. Lynley says, “I love learning, and horses are my greatest teachers. Our horses live in a world with human intent, and I believe as custodians it is our job to set them up to be successful in everything. We do this by being open to rephrasing the questions we ask, and having clarity, understanding and consistency.”

Kapiti Working Equitation Group has 85 members from the Manawatu, Wairarapa and Wellington as well as Kapiti/Horowhenua. We run regular practice days and clinics and hope soon to begin running competitions. We welcome new members!